Why an MPV?

Creating a Successful Venue for Taunton


What is a multi-purpose venue (MPV)?

A multipurpose venue means a building, a group of buildings or a structure that is designed or configured to be adaptable in providing venues that can accommodate various events such as musical concerts, theatre performances, trade shows, sporting events, conventions, conferences and other social, cultural, business or entertainment events.
What is a multi-purpose venue (MPV)?

Why does Gamount Palace need to be an MPV?

Entertainment needs have changed. Diversity is key to any venue’s success. Keeping to one or two types of events is not viable from a business and income perspective. But with a space designed to accommodate any type of event is a sure way to ensure its sustainability and success.
Why does Gamount Palace need to be an MPV?

Can an MPV support local events?

Yes, we need to consider the needs of the local community and by attracting and offering different types of events we offer something for everyone no matter what age, background, interests, or social standing they may have. Moreover, it can accommodate local celebrations, festivals, arts and culture needs, and become a hub for local cultural development. Read more in our Community Benefits section.
Can an MPV support local events?

How will you design it as an MPV?

The ground floor, also known as the ‘Stalls’ area, is a large space. If automatic or manual removable seating is part of the design this large space can accommodate all forms or events. From dance to trade shows, to club nights and exhibitions. With 350 seating upstairs there are also opportunities for mixed standing and seating for events like music events.
How will you design it as an MPV?

How can you ensure its success as an MPV?

For large 1000-seater venues our research has shown that they sell, as a minimum, 250,000 tickets per year (if the average is £15 a ticket that would create £3,750,000 income). So, get those 250,000 to spend £40 in the local economy and that could generate £10m per annum.


Our research also shows that that most people will travel 30, 45, or 60 minutes to attend an event. This means that the population or potential audience reach within a 30-minute drive is around 250,000, 45 minutes is 640,000 and 60 minutes is 1,190,000. This research shows that if done right we can maximize its customer reach. (Source: Audience Agency report - 2019).

Other Income

Additionally, the above figures do not include other daytime and evening activities or income from bar, café, or food. These too are part of the customer experience that one would encompass as part of the venues output for local community and visitor experiences. Research and experience also tells us that self-promoting events (ones organised by the venue operator) create more profit than those that are sold to venues by touring companies and off-the-shelf agencies. This too is part of our business plan and focus for success.

Why We Can't Do Technical Theatre

Gaumont Palace is a listed building. Its existing design, space and stage size have limitations. So, to make it suitable for large technical theatre productions it would require expansion of the stage area, and the rear of the building would have to be extended. Unfortunately, there is very little land space at the rear of the building and due to its listed building status, it would take years to get planning permission and add millions of pounds to its development, which would delay the reclaiming of the venue.

Therefore, it is our intention to not do technical theatre productions but there may be opportunities to do non-technical theatre in the future. This we have discussed with the Brewhouse Theatre and see the two venues as complimentary and means that the Brewhouse still needs to exist to continue delivering theatre-based events in Taunton.

With a multitude of other forms of events and activities at the Gaumont Palace there will be plenty of scope to deliver an amazing programme of events. The important thing at this stage is to return Gaumont Palace as entertainment venue at the lowest cost and biggest impact and should the future present opportunities for technical based theatre productions and building expansion this can be looked at as a long term goal.