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Trish Caller

Trish was born in Taunton and has lived here all her life. She is passionate about her home town and dedicates a huge amount of time talking the town up!

Following a long career in the Ministry of Defence locally, Trish arranged the first ever Taunton Comedy Festival in 2013 in the grounds of Taunton School. Milton Jones headlined this first show and it sold out very quickly and raised £1,000s for a local charity.

Following the success of this first large event she went on to put on shows in various venues across Taunton and then out across Somerset.

Over the last few years Trish has taken on a lot of different roles and responsibilities including –

• Becoming a member of the Exec Board of Taunton Chamber of Commerce representing Arts and Culture.
• The Somerset Ambassador for the West Country Women Awards.
• Proud Director of Somerset Armed Forces Day
• Regular Columnist in the County Gazette – a bi-weekly article about kindness, compassion, arts and culture, mindfulness, and positivity for the whole of Somerset.

Trish has worked hard over the years by networking with local businesses, arts and cultural groups. Connecting businesses to help each other. Knowing the right people to talk to etc.

Trish believes herself to be blessed by what she has managed to achieve – including bringing the biggest names to Somerset – Bill Bailey, Russell Howard, Ed Byrne, Jason Manford, Tom Allen. One of her proudest moments was bringing Peter Andre to the town centre to sign his calendars, sell his perfume and meet the 1000’s of local people who came into town to meet him.

Trish also works with all the Sports clubs in Taunton – Taunton Town Football Club, Taunton Titans and Somerset County Cricket Club. Her dream is to get the whole town, businesses, sport clubs and the community to work together. Encourage visitors to stay longer when they come to town. Fill our hotels, restaurants, bars, cafes etc. Fill our tills and boost our local economy. Provide plentiful employment for our residents!

Of all the above things Trish likes to spend time with her family and friends, particularly her grandchildren Victor and Bella. She also enjoys gin, cats, travel and her husband…not necessarily in that order!
“Laughter is the best medicine!”